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01 What is the problem you solve? 02 Define the niche with this problem 03 Will they pay you to solve the problem 04 Define Success 05 Demonstrate Success 06 Show you can sell your solution 07 Know your numbers  

When is the right time to scale?

Knowing the right time to scale is one of the biggest challenges to growth. Many organizations run into problems because they “feel” it’s the right time to grow, or they have external influences forcing them.

If you try to scale at the wrong time, one thing will happen – You will run into problems until you have all of the prerequisites in place.

In this guide, we walk you through the exact steps and objectives you must achieve to scale successfully.

Featured in?

Growing sales is the biggest request we receive here at Straight Talk. Within the guide, we show you the methods we use to:

  • Generate sales, qualified leads
  • The qualification matrix, for new leads
  • How to hire for and grow your sales team

Customer Success as a Revenue Driver

Far too often people think of customer success as making people happy (it’s not). Customer success will drive up to 80% of revenue growth in established companies.
We demonstrate the “three big objectives” for any successful team.

Metrics for Growth

Understanding the numbers that demonstrate business health, your rate of growth and when to push for more, can be difficult.
With so many different metrics to track and different ways to calculate them, which should you use and which are just adding noise?
Our guide provides you with a list of the most important metrics, how to calculate them and some hidden tips.

Our Clients

Paul Asadoorian

At Security Weekly we were looking for someone to help us grow the company, that could help us with strategy but also implementation. We knew that a basic “marketing expert” would not be right for the role and we did not want to make a costly mistake.

Corey Thuen

Gravwell is in a much better place today. We have worked closely with Dan & the team at Straight Talk to improve our processes and set us up for success. Things have worked out well and now we’re struggling to keep up with the amount of business we are generating

Straight Talk is as close to guaranteed growth as you will get. 

Povilas Steikunas

Dan was Ondato’s mentor in Startup Wise Guys acceleration program. His support for our team on operations and sales strategy was very important and valuable for us. I could definitely recommend Dan to any business that is looking to optimize the internal processes and Sales.

Paul Talamo

Straight Talk have helped us with everything from: developing new investor & customer presentations, creating a lead generation process, a sales pipeline, discovering customer personas, collecting customer success data, new product definition and launch, long-term funding strategies and overhauling our financials

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