Hint for Today – External & Internal Problems Video

Hint for Today – External & Internal Problems Video

I had a great conversation with my personal trainer Rob, whose hoodie I am representing in the video. We had a chat around using “Internal and external problems,” when selling your product or service.

What do I mean by “Internal & external” problems? Essentially, it is the way that we prioritize things in our decision making process. Especially when making buying decisions.

I’m going to give you the example that we spoke about. Which was in a personal training context, but it works just as well in any B2B process, as well as B2C. Because it’s the way that “we as humans” make our decisions.

So the example that we gave for the external problem was, “I want to lose weight.”

But the internal problem could be perhaps they have a wedding coming up. Perhaps they are going on a holiday. Maybe they’re not as active as they once were or they can’t play with the kids in the garden, as frequently as they could.

So there’s a whole bunch of internal problems that these people have. But the external one is always, “I want to lose weight.”

The way that you can then use this is… you want to sell on your internal problem.

If we keep our example, the way we would do this is… we would be creating ads, creating landing pages and creating copy, that speaks to each of those internal problems.

You would have one page that speaks about a wedding. You’d have one page that speaks about keeping active as a parent. You would have another one that is staying active, maybe as a grandparent.

So you would have real specific pages, context and sales material to each one of those things, as opposed to what most people do. Which is, just have a single page, a single piece of copy, that talks about losing weight.

I hope that helps and gives you all some ideas when defining your target audience. For a more in-depth view of the subject, you may enjoy Why is product market fit important .

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By Dan Wheatley, Co-Founder

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