Straight Talks Outsource Maintenance Video

Straight Talks Outsource Maintenance Video

In this post, we are going to look at one of the biggest things that people fail at, when they’re trying to outsource work.

That is the difference between outsourcing creation, versus outsourcing maintenance.

Now, when I say outsourcing creation, versus outsourcing maintenance… what do I mean? Well, most people will outsource their work and they find it very, very difficult… to get the quality of output, that they are looking for.

That’s because they will put together a full plan of what needs doing, how it should be done and they send it out there.

The problem is, unless you’ve got the experience of going through each of those steps yourself and you’ve worked out all the “little kinks”, you can only ever plan 70% effectively.

Plain and simple… there will be unexpected things that will pop up, that don’t work exactly how you thought they would.

This can then result in poor quality of work and not the result that you’re looking for.

This is what I call “outsourcing creation.”

What you should be doing is “outsourcing the maintenance.”

So plan it, implement it yourself, do the work, work out all those “little kinks” and then, once you’re at the stage where it’s running nice and easy, it’s business as usual for you.

That is when you “outsource it,” you take it off your plate. Knowing that every little thing and variation that could come up, is going to be covered.  And you can explain that, to whoever the individual is that is doing the work for you.

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By Dan Wheatley, Co-Founder

CEO/Co-Founder of Straight Talk Consulting, a business consultancy that gets our hands dirty. We work with organisations to achieve product market fit before transitioning into scalable and repeatable growth