Straight Talk solves the problem of business growth. A problem that all businesses wrestle with but its most problematic at three stages.

1. Startup

2. $1million – $2 million

3. Established Business


Startups can least afford to make mistakes with growth. Unfortunately mistakes do happen through inexperience and often the consequences are far greater than just the monetary value.

Startup founders need a proven method for growth, that doesn’t break the bank and won’t leave them open to unnecessary risk.


During this stage of revenue businesses can appear to hit a brick wall in terms of their growth.

The tactics that once worked so well appear to offer diminishing returns and its possible to feel stuck. Worse still the frustration of stalled growth can lead you to doing more of the same which ultimately has a negative effect on the business and can send you backwards.


Once a business becomes more established continuing growth can become rather simplistic and looked upon as “increase ad spend” “attend more conferences” or “acquire competitors”.

At this stage Straight Talk’s data driven approach can be used to analyse all data that resides within the business to create continuous growth loops where data is used to create a hypothesis, test and implement improvements from the baseline.


Straight Talk is a framework for business growth which has been successfully implemented within the following industries:

› Cyber Security
› Ecommerce
› Lighting
› Consulting
› Real Estate
› Import/Export
› SaaS

We are able to be successful in these different industries because we do not believe in a single solution for every business. Every Straight Talk client begins by going through the analysis stage. During this stage we seek to understand everything about your business, we want to know it as well as you do. This enables us to understand the strengths and weaknesses that are unique to every business.

We are able to use this information coupled with a complete data tracking / reporting plan to ensure that every decision we make is supported by data and can be measured appropriately.

By moving forward in this way we remove the guesswork and move forward purely based on data and evidence supported decision making.