Treat Investors Like your High School Maths Teacher

Treat Investors Like your High School Maths Teacher

There is one simple piece of advice I would share with you, when it comes to handling investors… treat them like your high school maths teacher.

Now, the idea of treating an investor like a high school maths teacher, may seem like an odd idea to most of you and I can understand why.

But trust me, there’s method in the madness and it’s simple.

Your high school maths teacher, if they were anything like mine… wasn’t as bothered about the answer, as they were about you showing your work. Well, an investor is exactly the same.

There is a reason for thinking this way. If you show your working the investor just like the maths teacher can understand how you get to your conclusions, where you might go wrong and what looks right.

By demonstrating your working (or process) in this way, you can be more certain that the right answer came through the right method and wasnt just luck.


Things to Remember

Remember that investors see a lot of pitches, with a lot of claims and they will not just take your word for it.

What they are most interested in is, how you are going to deliver on your claims. More specifically, how you will make them feel confident, you will deliver on your claims.

This is especially important if you’re going for a seed or a series A. As people want to see your results to date, they want to know the story.


Hiding Mistakes

One of the things that people often try and do is hide mistakes. Do not do that, because if you have shown your work, you can highlight your mistakes and use evidence to explain why you made them, what you learned & how you’ll improve in the future.

This will deliver a massive boost in respect for you. Professional investors know that things won’t always go how you want them to. Being someone that can identify mistakes but also fix them, is a key skill to have.


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