Content Funnels

Creating a piece of content every day is simply wrong.

It is one of the worst pieces of advice I constantly hear being told to new or early growth businesses.

In this article, we are going to show you why you need no more than 5-7 pieces of content for each persona.

These 5-7 pieces form a content funnel.


What is a Content Funnel?

A content funnel is 5-7 pieces of content that demonstrate you understand your potential users problem and how you will solve it.

In our persona, we have been able to build up a very detailed picture of what the company looks like and what experiences they have:

  • SAAS Businesses.
  • With less than $1,000,000 in funding.
  • With a working product.
  • No head of marketing or growth.
  • Less than 10 members of staff.
  • Does not have a fully developed sales process.
  • Does not have a fully developed lead generation process.
  • Has tried to generate leads previous but has not seen positive results,
  • May have employed an agency and had a bad experience,
  • Analytics is limited to Google Analytics and is not fully setup.
  • Looking to speak with founder, CEO of head of operations.

The persona problems and statements they are facing are:

  • Know where they want to get to but not sure on the path.
  • Don’t want to make any more wrong decisions – This fear is preventing them from making decisions.
  • Have investors wanting to see data that they don’t have or aren’t sure what to provide.
  • Do not know how all the pieces fit together.

With this information, it is very easy for us to create a series of content that answers each of these problems. It also helps us with our ad copy.

Here is the list of content that we created for this persona:

  • How to generate 1000 targeted emails every day.
  • How to target your perfect audience.
  • Create a customer journey.
  • Analysing your customer journey.
  • What metrics to track and how to report them.
  • Finding areas for conversion optimisation.
  • Hypothesize, test and improve conversions.  

With this content funnel, we have been able to provide a solution to each of the primary problems faced by our target persona. It also positions us as experts in helping them to achieve their goals.

When we use content funnels in this way, there is no need for you to be constantly creating content. This strategy can be used to generate thousands of leads for your business.

Content funnels can be created for multiple personas that your business may want to attract.

Generating Leads From Your Funnel:

Generating leads from your content funnel is a simple process of providing additional materials that are of value to your persona.


**WARNING** Basic PDF’s and Infographics are not what we are talking about!!! **WARNING**


Provide something of value, like the persona tool that we provide our readers.

Rather than using popups, we are fans or presenting this opt-ins via conversation tools like GoSquared or Tawk.

You can also use the sidebar on your blog to promote your ultimate conversions. Such as a free trial or consultation.

Finally, retarget people who reach the end of your funnel with your ultimate conversion.

By Dan Wheatley, Co-Founder

CEO/Co-Founder of Straight Talk Consulting, a business consultancy that gets our hands dirty. We work with organisations to achieve product market fit before transitioning into scalable and repeatable growth

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