How to run Linkedin lead generation campaigns [+ Examples]

If you have a B2B offering the chances are you know all about Linkedin and its position as the market leader for lead generation. In fact, 89% of B2B marketers use Linkedin for lead generation and 62% say it generates over two times more leads than the next highest scoring social channel.  

There are many ways in which you can use Linkedin to benefit your business; growing your connections, groups, posting content and Linkedin sales navigator are just a few of these options. 

We are going to focus on a single medium and that is generating leads through Linkedin ads. There are many different strategies that can be implemented with Linkedin ads but we will be focusing on a strategy to generate leads in the shortest possible time. 

Who is your target audience?

Before running any kind of ads you must know who is your target audience. It is important to understand who your ideal customers are and what is unique about them. 

Understanding your audience in this way allows you to clearly understand their pains and how you can help them.

This is vital when it comes to generating leads as we will need to create a resource that helps your ideal audience solve their problems.


Once you have defined your ideal audience and the specific challenges we can look to solve them with a lead magnet or resource. 

For example at Straight Talk, we help people scale their businesses so we created our guide on learning to scale. 

Identify a specific problem that your ideal audience has and create a piece of content that explains how to fix it.

This piece of content will become your “lead magnet” and is what we will use to generate new leads. Once you have this lead magnet we can begin creating our ads and generating leads. 

Creating Your Campaign

To access the Linkedin ads platform navigate to LinkedIn. Non-paid users will see the advertising option on the main menu. Paid users will need to select the 3×3 grid labeled work and choose the advertising option.

Once you are in the ads platform you will have the option to create your campaign group via the main menu. 

Select this option then provide a name and start date for your campaign group before selecting save. 

For naming conventions we usually choose our overall objective so in this case we would name the campaign group “Lead Generation”

Creating Your Campaign 

The campaign is where you will define who you target with your ads. In order to provide a detailed explanation of each element, we have created a video to walk you through the process.

Creating Your Ads

Once your campaign targeting is completed we must next create our ads. In the ad builder you will be provided with the option to create new ad

Click on the create new ad option and the LinkedIn ad builder will open. There are 4 main parts to a Linkedin lead ad; the introductory text, the image, the headline, and the form.

Introductory text

For the introductory text, we recommend keeping it short, use 150 – 200 characters. Call out the audience you are targeting, their pain and what your free resource provides them. 

Here is an example we have used on our own ads: 

Founders of technology and software companies must demonstrate scalability in order to survive. This guide will walk you through the exact steps In learning to scale. 


For the image, we have tested many different options but no matter the industry or resource on offer. Simple text ads always work best.

State what you are offering and what the benefits are to requesting this resource. Here are some examples we have used:

we use Canva to create our ads but you can also use freelancer platforms to have this work done for you.


The headline is optional and we have tested ads both with and without headlines. In both scenarios, the ads performed well. In order to include a headline, you will need to provide a destination URL which can be the homepage of your website. 

When writing a headline we have found that a simple CTA or confirming a benefit works best. Some examples are: 

  • Download Your Free Guide
  • Make Your Next Event a Success
  • Protect Your Organization – Download The Guide


Once the basics of the ad have been created you will need to assign a lead form. The lead form is the second part of the ad creation.

When creating your form we will first select the call to action. As we are offering a free guide the CTA we recommend is download. 

You can then select the form from the drop-down menu below or create a new form if none have been created. When new form is selected the form builder will open up as shown in the image below. 

The lead form consists of a headline, offer details, privacy policy, questions, and confirmation. 


For your headline state, what is being offered. Here are some examples:

  • Essential Guide on Learning to Scale
  • Lessons Learned From Virtual Events 
  • Improve Forecasting Accuracy. 

Offer details

The offer should include a call to action and a brief description of what is being offered. Here is a personal favorite:

Hit the submit button and instantly access our free guide on {what your guide is about}.

Privacy policy

For the privacy policy simply provide a link to your privacy policy. 


Within the questions section we recommend that you start with the first name, last name and email. By asking for a small amount of information at first you can get your ads performing and generating leads before asking for more information and testing how the conversion rate changes. 


Finally, you have the confirmation page. We suggest you include a thank you message with instructions on how they will receive the free resource. You can also include a link to your website on the confirmation page which I suggest you link to your homepage or to a page where they can download the free resource. 

With the form completed and assigned to your ad all that is left to do is click next where you will be presented with a summary of your campaign. Review the information is correct and click “launch campaign”

My Ads are Running

Once your ads are running you will begin collecting data. To show you how to analyze your ads and make adjustments based on the data you are receiving we created a video explaining what to look for. 

This is just one of many strategies that can be deployed on LinkedIn. Try it with your campaigns today and good luck with your lead generation.

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By Dan Wheatley, Co-Founder

CEO/Co-Founder of Straight Talk Consulting, a business consultancy that gets our hands dirty. We work with organisations to achieve product market fit before transitioning into scalable and repeatable growth