Defining Customer Success Responsibilities

Defining Customer Success Responsibilities

What’s the biggest obstacle that determines whether or not a customer success team stands still or becomes a real revenue driver?The biggest challenge is defining responsibilities. So, let’s go over what that means and break it down.

First, Where does the customer success team begin and end? 


When a new deal comes in, at what point does the customer success team get involved and at what point do they get someone else involved in the deal on renewal or expansion? 


Should they handle all sales about all renewals? 

Should they handle all the expansion deals?

Maybe the size of customers makes it different?

Should customer success handle some retention and some expansion?

Should they hand bigger deals back to sales?

If so, at what size?

There’s no simple or perfect answer at where to draw the line, regarding who’s responsible for what. You need to decide how it’s going to be structured for your company and your team.

The advice I’d give on what’s right for you and your company…

Firstly, I’d deem your Customer Success Representative the trusted advisor, as they’re the one interacting with the client. Then decide the best way to leverage that relationship. You have to make that decision. Then, cross reference that against what we just talked about. 

Then you can list all the different challenges that your team is having. You can then draw the lines of responsibility very clearly. 

If you don’t draw them clearly, 2 things can happen.

  1. Things will be dropped because no one knows who’s responsible for it, or not.
  2. You get repeated work, meaning…everyones reaching out to the customer. This will either irritate them and/or make it look as if no one knows whats going on.

Both are bad and no one wants either of those things to happen.

Customer success will drive up to 80% of your revenue, so make the lines of responsibility clear and you can’t go wrong.

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