Real Business Growth Supported By Data

We implement the growth plan, deliver results & train you on how to continue

Real Business Growth Supported By Data

We implement the growth plan, deliver results & train you on how to continue


75% of all funded startups fail, why?

Put simply most startups do not know what they need, when they need it and how do all the pieces fit together.

Do you find yourself saying YES to any of the following questions:

  • Do you have a clear path for growth?
  • Do you struggle to find the right answers to your problems?
  • Unsure of the next step incase its a mistake?
  • Unsure of where to start?
  • Is your sales process unpredictable
  • Hires haven’t worked out?
  • Are your investors starting to put on the pressure?

Here at Straight Talk we work with you to implement the growth plan, deliver results & train you on how to continue. At the end of the process you and your team have all of the knowledge and experience to continue without the need for external consultants or agencies. 

Growing a business is NOT about the latest growth hack, automating every element of the business or one quick fix that will turn your business into a money making machine.

Real growth is about implementing a plan that is unique to your business, is supported by data and is constantly refined.

This is how we are able to consistently grow businesses in different industries by using experience coupled with a data lead decision making process.

Why Choose Straight Talk Consulting

Why choose Straight Talk?

There are many consultants who will tell you that they can help you with business growth. So why should you choose us? 

Here are a few things to consider:


  • We will advise you like its our business (You don’t always have to listen but we will still advise the same)
  • Proven track record in multiple industries
  • We want you to be independent and not reliant on us (or any other consultant) forever. 
  • Everything we implement is supported by data, so no secret sauce you cant know about. 
  • We build and train your team with you.
No clear direction for growth?
Unsure of where to start?
Is your sales process unpredictable?
Don’t want to make mistakes?
Do too many leads turn out to be time wasters?
Growth strategies haven’t delivered the results claimed?
Previously been “sold a dream” that wasn’t delivered?
All the information publicly available seems contradictory.


Free To Cancel

The free to cancel guarantee allows Straight Talk clients to cancel the contract if they do not feel they are seeing the required results. Before the contract is signed Straight Talk will provide a timeframe where we expect you to start seeing progress.

Progress does not constitute completion of all objectives but will provide indication that your business is progressing towards its ultimate goal.

If after this period of time you decide progress has not been made then you may cancel the contract with Straight Talk with no penalty.

Talk To Anyone

As part of the standard Straight Talk proposal we include a talk to anyone guarantee. This allows any potential Straight Talk client to talk to existing clients about their experience. Nobody from Straight Talk is on the call and you are free to discuss any subject.



Business Analysis

Create a clear and accurate picture of where the business is today, what it could be tomorrow and how to get there.

Growth Plan

A clear and concise growth plan is created to cover operations, lead generation and sales. The key messages are relayed to the team ready for implementation.


Work with the business to implement the plan, setup reporting and feedback loops to enable continuous improvement.


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