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We take companies from product market fit

to scalable and repeatable growth.


Welcome to Straight Talk Consulting, we are a business consultancy that gets our hands dirty.

We work with organisations to achieve product market fit before transitioning into scalable and repeatable growth. 

In our Media section you will find practical and actionable advice on the key issues founders and their teams face when getting started, achieving market fit and scaling a company. 

Dan Wheatley, Co-Founder

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Aren’t you just a marketing agency?

Thats a great question. Although we do have the ability to perform many of the services you would expect from a marketing agency the answer is “no”.

The unique offering of Straight Talk is our experience and knowledge of the exact steps companies need to take in order to transition from market fit into scalable and repeatable growth.

This means we take a much wider view and oversee work in marketing, operations, sales and analytics to name a few.

Another key difference of Straight Talk is once we implement the necessary processes, we will train your team to take over. You will not be reliant on us forever and will have the in-house knowledge to continue without us.

Who we have worked with


Paul Talamo, COO, SecondWrite

Straight Talk is a growth consultancy. This means different things to different companies, but for SecondWrite, it has meant tailored tactical advice on business operations multiple times per week. Unlike advisors, whom you interact with monthly, StraightTalk consultants help by being involved in the day-to-day.

I think of the StraightTalk folks as members of our company who also have a knowledge of how many other startups have solved problems similar to ours.

Straight Talk have helped us with everything from: developing new investor & customer presentations, creating a lead generation process, a sales pipeline, discovering customer personas, collecting customer success data, new product definition and launch, long-term funding strategies and overhauling our financials

Paul Asadoorian, Founder, Security Weekly

At Security Weekly we were looking for someone to help us grow the company, that could help us with strategy but also implementation. We knew that a basic “marketing expert” would not be right for the role and we did not want to make a costly mistake.

With Straight Talk we have been able to implement and follow a methodical process that is supported by data at every step. We are implementing data backed solutions that our competition cannot compete with and seeing the growth we wanted at the outset.

Corey Thuen, Founder, Gravwell

Gravwell is in a much better place today. We have worked closely with Dan & the team at Straight Talk to improve our processes and set us up for success. Things have worked out well and now we’re struggling to keep up with the amount of business we are generating


Holding your Nerve!

Holding your Nerve!

When things get a little bit difficult, do you “Hold your Nerve?” I see so many startups fail at this. In this video I’ll go over reasons they fail and what to do to feel more confident, when it’s time to “Hold your Nerve.”

What Guarantees Should you Offer?

What Guarantees Should you Offer?

Do you understand your customer? That should be the question you ask yourself before giving any guarantees. In this video, I’ll go over ways to get to know your customer and what guarantees are guaranteed to fail and not fail.

North Star Metric

North Star Metric

Measuring key metrics is extremely important for any business. So you would naturally conclude from this that most companies must do a reasonably good job of this. And you’d be completely wrong!  In many cases, businesses are failing to understand their own operation,...

Dealing with Data

Dealing with Data

Most of us would like to believe that we're open-minded. No-one wishes to paint themselves as being closed off to new ideas. Yet people often actually struggle to take on new concepts and new ways of working, even if they are hugely beneficial and could absolutely...

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